Today’s Inspiration: Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt via Garance Dore

Not just today’s inspiration, really.  Emmanuelle Alt is consistently one of my top style icons, probably due to her consistency.  She has perfected her uniform, a variation of skinny pants, slouchy shirt, great jacket and heels.  She knows what works on her frame, and for her lifestyle and goes with it.

I think I find it comforting when a fancy fashion person doesn’t hit every new trend in a too on-point way, and, if they incorporate it at all, find a way to meld it into “their” look.  I appreciate style over fashion any day, even if I enjoy the runway and editorials spectacles.

While I will never have Ms. Alt’s mile-long legs, or her outerwear (or even footwear) budget, one thing I can probably approximate is her hair – slightly rock, slightly mussed, but still professional enough for a law office.  I am slightly hesitant to cut anything resembling bangs, but my ennui with my long, plain hair, and my cabin fever from these winter months, might just put me over the edge the next time I hit the salon.

On Reminiscing


It’s hard to summarize a year in a single post.  With the right experiences, or perhaps the right writer, a year can be its own novel or memoir.  My year would be a study in contrasts, with all its high heights and low depths.  There were disappointments, some sobering realizations and some gloriously fun and hysterical moments.  I think most years are like that, though the particulars change each go-round.

I don’t have a clear set of resolutions aside from the ones that rattle in my head all year: read more, be more kind, figure shit out, learn a new language.  But one is calling to me more than prior years – seek out adventure.

So cheers to the start of a new year and the promise of the unknown.

Movie Moment: Grand Budapest Hotel



There is something about Wes Anderson’s films that always resonates with me (an obsession that perplexes my husband, who is a man of non-fictions books and movies). They always strike a chord that is at once nostalgic, wistful, playful, poignant and dreamy. I can’t not watch The Royal Tenenbaums if it’s on tv and Moonrise Kingdom captivated me.

Hence, I am quite excited for The Grand Budapest Hotel. It promises to be all that I hope for in a Wes Anderson film.

Who is your favorite filmmaker?

I get way too many emails in my inbox trying to entice me to spend every last dime on discounted threads. I certainly can’t shop every single one, otherwise I’d be homeless (though, well-dressed).  But a girl can dream…and create fantasy outfits on Polyvore.

Here are my picks from the most recent McQ Alexander McQueen clothes to hit The Outnet.  

McQ Alexander McQueen at The Outnet

There’s the Love


At City Hall, that is. I love this post from Refinery 29 with gorgeous shots of 21 adorable couples getting hitched at City Hall. As someone who basically eloped, this kind of “wedding” resonates with me. But no matter how you imagine yourself getting married (if at all, that is), you have to admit that all these couples are beautiful and have that “in love glow.”  And though they all got married in the same place, they all have lovely individual takes on wedding wear.

Check out all 21 couples at Refinery 29.

On Repeat: Alt-J

During some marathon work days the past couple weeks, I have found solace in the small pleasures, like finding a new song I love.  That happiness is magnified when I like the entire album that song is on.

Alt-J has such an interesting rhythm and sound.  The first song that drew me in was Breezeblocks:


It’s quite the dark video, but a great song.

Tessellate might be other favorite – so mellow, almost an eerie sound. Perfect for when I am cruising through my work projects.

What are your ‘stuck at my desk for 13 hours straight’ songs?

For Your Consideration


Check out these photos of Brooklyn pre Manhattan-priced rent over at

Ever heard of a pink planet? I hadn’t either. Take a look at this magenta-colored exoplanet discovered 57 light years away from Earth.

Let your mouth water over these charred corn fritters at A Cozy Kitchen.

Swoon over this perfect fall to winter coat at Reiss (even though the thought of wearing it in right now makes me practically spontaneously combust).

See Marc Jacobs’ tattoos up close, along with his words of tattoo wisdom.

On Repeat: Lorde

I first heard this song, Royals, while letting the Spotify top hits list run on and on as I worked.  It instantly made me pause and actually listen.  And I’ve been listening to this song over and over ever since (along with her other songs).  Did I mention she’s only 16?  That’s some talent.


Bring on the Bourbon



Today is the kind of day where you have errands to run and want to get them out of the way, but one of the errands involves purchasing liquor and you have an internal debate about how early in the day it’s okay to go to the liquor store without it being unseemly.  You don’t want them to think you are going to day drink that bourbon, preferably Bulleit, all by your lonesome (but then again, it might also be the kind of day where you would do exactly that because you are celebrating on the one hand and pissed off on the other…).

Ever have that kind of day?

Also not a good day to do online shopping because you might just impulse purchase yourself a whole new wardrobe and wake up tomorrow with some serious buyer’s remorse (and credit card debt).