Lady Crush: Jenna Lyons


Jenna Lyons, Creative Director for J. Crew, is one of my personal heroes.  I love what she has done with J. Crew.  I love her philosophy on the sexiness of not trying too hard; it really resonates with my personal ethos of never feeling too “done.”  I love that she is a powerful businesswoman, but also one that seems to have managed that feat while being likable.  Too often, I think women are forced to resort to being a so-called bitch to succeed in business, so it’s gratifying that she was able to achieve what she has while remaining personable.

Today she was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Into the Gloss.  It was a great peek into her bathroom cabinets and her home.  I look at her shelves filled with magazines and it makes me mourn all the glossy pages I have had to throw away each time I have moved.

Check out the whole interview and her product preferences at Into the Gloss.

It is 2014.

I have to keep reminding myself that it is, indeed, 2014. I wouldn’t be able to discern this from so many incidents in recent history, not the least of which was yesterday’s SCOTUS decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

This decision reminded me, once again, that we are in a dark age in which corporations and religious groups are treated more like ‘persons’ than women. Their voices and views hold more sway than a woman’s right to self-determination, including her right to make the very private choice of which contraceptive method is appropriate for her situation and medical needs or preferences.

In 2014, a business can win a Supreme Court case based on its distorted view of the scientific mechanism of contraceptive methods, all without having to prove the science behind that view.  It is merely enough that they have a “sincerely held” belief in bad science.

In 2014, protesters are permitted to harass and vilify women who are seeking out providers of the entirely legal procedure of abortion.  States are passing statutes that are forcing women to submit to archaic and violative steps prior to securing an abortion in an attempt to shame them into making a different choice.  Clinics that provide not only abortion services, but other women’s healthcare services, are forced to close their doors due to overbearing statutes.

Perhaps most galling, these people’s compassion and fervor for the sanctity of life ends at the beginning of that life.   They oppose “government handouts” that would keep these children, the ones that they so desperately want these women to birth, fed and provided with healthcare.  They stand in the way of access to contraception that would prevent unwanted pregnancies and the need for abortions.  They cry out for small government, yet want to insert governmental oversight into the most private of arenas.  It is utter and complete hypocritical bullshit.

It is tiring and depressing to see this ever-increasing barrage against women’s rights to control their own bodies, as if existing in this world as a woman isn’t difficult enough without government-sanctioned interference and discrimination.

I hope for better news in the upcoming years.  I hope that women are so fed up with this infantilizing crap that they turn out to the polls in full force and vote out the old guard who are afraid of women having control of their bodies and destinies.  I hope and I write because the other option is to sink into despair, and I won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing that happen.


I don’t know what the universe is trying to tell me by playing infomercials for China Beach, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and The Six Million Dollar Man DVDs while I On-Demand watch my guilty pleasure, The Hart of Dixie. That I am simultaneously old and yet spectacularly immature?

Today’s Inspiration: Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt via Garance Dore

Not just today’s inspiration, really.  Emmanuelle Alt is consistently one of my top style icons, probably due to her consistency.  She has perfected her uniform, a variation of skinny pants, slouchy shirt, great jacket and heels.  She knows what works on her frame, and for her lifestyle and goes with it.

I think I find it comforting when a fancy fashion person doesn’t hit every new trend in a too on-point way, and, if they incorporate it at all, find a way to meld it into “their” look.  I appreciate style over fashion any day, even if I enjoy the runway and editorials spectacles.

While I will never have Ms. Alt’s mile-long legs, or her outerwear (or even footwear) budget, one thing I can probably approximate is her hair – slightly rock, slightly mussed, but still professional enough for a law office.  I am slightly hesitant to cut anything resembling bangs, but my ennui with my long, plain hair, and my cabin fever from these winter months, might just put me over the edge the next time I hit the salon.

On Reminiscing


It’s hard to summarize a year in a single post.  With the right experiences, or perhaps the right writer, a year can be its own novel or memoir.  My year would be a study in contrasts, with all its high heights and low depths.  There were disappointments, some sobering realizations and some gloriously fun and hysterical moments.  I think most years are like that, though the particulars change each go-round.

I don’t have a clear set of resolutions aside from the ones that rattle in my head all year: read more, be more kind, figure shit out, learn a new language.  But one is calling to me more than prior years – seek out adventure.

So cheers to the start of a new year and the promise of the unknown.

Movie Moment: Grand Budapest Hotel



There is something about Wes Anderson’s films that always resonates with me (an obsession that perplexes my husband, who is a man of non-fictions books and movies). They always strike a chord that is at once nostalgic, wistful, playful, poignant and dreamy. I can’t not watch The Royal Tenenbaums if it’s on tv and Moonrise Kingdom captivated me.

Hence, I am quite excited for The Grand Budapest Hotel. It promises to be all that I hope for in a Wes Anderson film.

Who is your favorite filmmaker?

I get way too many emails in my inbox trying to entice me to spend every last dime on discounted threads. I certainly can’t shop every single one, otherwise I’d be homeless (though, well-dressed).  But a girl can dream…and create fantasy outfits on Polyvore.

Here are my picks from the most recent McQ Alexander McQueen clothes to hit The Outnet.  

McQ Alexander McQueen at The Outnet

There’s the Love


At City Hall, that is. I love this post from Refinery 29 with gorgeous shots of 21 adorable couples getting hitched at City Hall. As someone who basically eloped, this kind of “wedding” resonates with me. But no matter how you imagine yourself getting married (if at all, that is), you have to admit that all these couples are beautiful and have that “in love glow.”  And though they all got married in the same place, they all have lovely individual takes on wedding wear.

Check out all 21 couples at Refinery 29.